System requirment

i am using windows 7 for server installation and it is fine but the problem is that there are no support for windows 7 by Microsoft and they are also not providing licence keys for that so if i will use windows 10 for server then is there any issue with that because in help guide they told that windows 7 pro is production ready.

I myself still run under Windows 7, but that has the reason, that I do not upgrade running systems. A lot of my clients run Caspar on Windows 10 without any issues.

I have run CasparCG on Windows 10 for several years now without any issues.

I think in the early days of Windows 10 there was a compatibility issue with the Flash player (since this is bundled as part of the OS in Windows 10) and CasparCG. But that issue was resolved pretty quickly and I haven’t had any problems since (even with multiple Flash player security updates delivered as part of Windows update).