System audio glitching

Caspar CG 2.3.3 lts
i have audio just fine with embedded audio set true.
but i need to get audio down Dante wich i have done on other computers in the past.
how ever on this build when i set embedded to false and add in the system audio i have all kinds of glitching.
i have tried many different file formats, and output resolutions.

any help appreciated

Have you tried using system audio while embedding is enabled? Does that make any difference?

Yes. I did try that as well.
I have used this setup back on 2.2.
I mean i could add an audio dembeder
But that is somthing i dont want to have to do.

We normaly play 1080i 59.94.
But we all so tried progressive standards as well.

I think you did not understand what I mean: Does it give the glitches in System Audio also when embedded audio is enabled (and not used)?

yes i get glitches in system audio
with both embedded set to true or false.