Syntax error when playing HTML in Server 2.1.10 NRK

I’m testing Server 2.1.10 NRK and while testing some HTML pages this happens:

[2020-01-13 17:39:19.111] [4228]  [info]    Received message from PLAY 1-3 [HTML]"" MIX 40\r\n
[2020-01-13 17:39:19.111] [11332] [debug]   Executing command: PLAY
[2020-01-13 17:39:19.112] [11332] [trace]   [ffmpeg] [NULL @ 000002164A2DB900] Opening '[HTML]' for reading
[2020-01-13 17:39:19.112] [11332] [trace]   
[2020-01-13 17:39:19.112] [11332] [trace]   [ffmpeg] [file @ 0000021630BDDD40] Setting default whitelist 'file,crypto'
[2020-01-13 17:39:19.112] [11332] [trace]   
[2020-01-13 17:39:19.145] [11332] [error]    Check syntax. Turn on log level debug for stacktrace.
[2020-01-13 17:39:19.145] [11332] [info]    Sent message to PLAY FAILED\r\n

Through trial and error I found out that 2.1.10 NRK considers:

  • [HTML]"<url>" as wrong syntax.
  • "[HTML]"<url>"" as right syntax. Observe the quotation marks.

Now I wonder which one is the right one, or is there any way to make both the right syntax.

It should be [HTML] "<url>". I don’t know if it is a copy error, but there should be a space after [HTML]

Interesting, I didn’t know it was the right syntax all along, because I’ve used [HTML]"<url>" since 2.1.4 NRK and 2.3.x.