Sync play with two consumers


Is it possible to sync two consumers? I want to play same video on screen and decklink out.

thank you.

Sure you can add multiple consumers to the same channel, like so:

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Thank you very much. :slight_smile:

Is it possible to play sync cunsumers with different resolution?

for example screen with 720p2500 and decklink with 1080p5000.

You could use the ROUTE producer, but it adds a little delay, so it is not perfectly in sync.

But the screen consumer can also be scaled, so why would you want to do that? What do you use the two outputs for?

Just noticed you wanted to sync two different consumers, SCREEN and DECKLINK. That will never work because of the different latency in output You might find some magic number to use as a delay, but it would probably not work consistently for sync.

Depends how he defines the word “sync play”. If it only means to play the same stuff at the same button click on two channels it will work. For a true sync play it will not. That is why I asked for the use case.

I want to have preview(screen) of decklink output.

But a preview is normally controlled Independently from the main out, so that one can view a clip before it’s actually played. So that “sync-play” setup does not make too much sense. It’s more of a monitoring then.

If You only need monitoring, and you’re using an Extreme card, you could just add a monitor to the hdmi output. Won’t add any overhead and is in sync.