Switching inputs/presets Kramer switcher via rs-232

Hello fellow Casparcg users,

I’m a volunteer at a local TV station where we are making some switches between software (graphics/playout) so that we could upgrade the studio to an HD level (the cam’s and mixer are already HD but we are playing at a SD level). Now seeing money is always an issue and we want to do this with the existing hardware (which can all comfortably play at an HD level).

The only thing is our video-router/matrix. The Kramer SD-7588V. (going into it will be done with a updowncross convertor)

We are now switching the matrix via RS-232 within the layout/graphics software we are using now (which is the biggest limitation. It’s limited to SD).

My question: is it possible to still switch it via RS-232 by either using the casparcg client as is or make our own client, if so has anyone on the forum here ever done this/thought of this?

(long story but I’m hoping its pretty clear)

You could look in to modifying the arduino GPIO sketch to translate the signal to the RS-232 or RS-485 ports on that matrix. You should be able to find command documentation for that.

For others on here: Is there not already videohub control support in CasparCG or it’s client? I don’t see anything in the next branch of the client that I’m running…

There is a simple protocoll called Kramer 2000, if I remember right, that you find on their homepage for download. It‘s quite simple to build a controller, with a programming language like Visual Basic, that supports RS 232 interfaces. The buggest issue today is to find a PC, that has an RS 232 connector. But there are USB to Serial adapters, that have drivers, so that the serial appers in Windows and can be opened from your programm.

There is not. In JustMacros there is.