Switch to 2.2.0

so I installed the new 2.2.0 server and client, but the client seems to still connect to the old version. so I removed all the old instances of CCG. but I can’t seem to fix the problem. I’m in the process of removing everything and reinstalling again. anyone else run into this issue?

No, don’t reinstall everything! Try to find the wrong setting instead. Does your client auto-start the server? If yes, there sure is a setting, were you can let it point to the location of the new CasparCG server. If the client does NOT auto-start, then how can he connect to the old server, if that is not running? Does it run on another machine? Computing seldom has something to do with magic, so it must be a reason for this behavior.

no it doesn’t auto start. I did re-install but i’m still having the same issue. the client looks like its connecting to an older instance of the server. on the older version i had a few flash templates which are still showing up in my new library, also the new templates I have created are not showing up. so it looks like its looking at an old library. but I’m unable to find the folder. is there a way to tell where the client is looking for the library

everything is running on the same machine. it is very strange.

Are you running scanner.exe too?

The media/template listing is outsourced to another program in 2.2, and the client will show old data if the listing commands fail

okay so how do I go about correcting that?

so the issue is definitely with the library, I’m able to use the HTLM page tools and call a web page.
the problem is the library isn’t looking in the correct place. i don’t see a setting to let me redirect it.

on the server I get
failed connect to media-scanner. is it running?
reaseon: connection refused

any thoughts

Run scanner.exe
It should be part of the 2.2 zip you downloaded, in the same directory as casparcg.exe

ahh brilliant thanks! i missed that file in folder. do you have to run it every time?

thanks for help Julusian and didikunz

You should pin that one, it’s been asked many times… Maybe noting that right above the download button?

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