SVT Client repository-setting

If I remember correctly the repository was not functioning in Client 2.0.7 but how is it in 2.0.8?
I have tried to client to read a folder on a nas server but not been able to get it done.
I tread to put the address in the following formats \\folder\folder\folder and as file://\folder\folder.
Has anyone got this to work?

be markus

AFAIK this is not working with a NAS server. It needs some kind of special server. SVT uses this to connect Caspar to AVID iNews somehow.

Sjame in 2.0.7 it was fine when the client on ctrl+o did open the folder where it did last same rundown, but in 2.0.8 it always opens in the default place, Not so practical if you want to keep rundowns on a centralizied place.
Is this a bug and do anyone know if its fixed in the development build from 2017?
If not is this a feature request or a bug?

br markus