Superfly SuperConductor - HowTo?

I just installed SuperConductor and already a few simple questions popped up:

  • How do I get a template to play the out animation? regardless if I enable “Send stop() on stop” or not, I get a PLAY 1-20 Empty command sent instead of a CG 1-20 STOP 1
  • Is there a way to get at the playlist? It must be some database or json file etc. that stores the events. I am looking for a way to generate the playlist from a program and use SuperConductor as play-out engine, for a client project.
  • Is there a way to filter the resource list by type (templates, videoclips etc.)


  1. So, starting with the first case: I’m not exactly sure how that would happen. Running a minimal test case, with only a single clip & a single template, I always get SuperConductor sending a CG 1-20 STOP 1 command. My object is set up using “Template Type”: “html” and “Send stop() on stop”. What is your setup? Can you post a screenshot of your rundown and timeline object?
  2. The projects and rundowns are stored in your User “Documents” directory, under “SuperConductor”. There’s a “Projects” folder, and then there’s a bunch of JSON files, one for each rundown, in “rundowns” in each project folder.
  3. There currently isn’t a way to filter resources by object-type. It certainly is possible to add that as a filter.

Hallo Jan,

To 1:

That is exactly what I am also doing.

To 2: I found it now, thanks.
To 3: The filter would be nice. I also noticed, that it only displays templates, no videos and nothing else on my system under 2.3.1. The official client shows me, that I have 2141 templates on my system and that is also what SuperConductor shows above the list.

Hey Didi!
I was able to reproduce the issue just now, it looks like you’ve stumbled upon a bug deep within the dark inners of TSR, thanks! :slight_smile:

It should be fixed in the next version!


So today, in the spirit of Hacktoberfest, I was able to create a PR for a filter allowing filtering per resource type: feat: allow filtering per Resource Type by jstarpl · Pull Request #103 · SuperFlyTV/SuperConductor · GitHub

It just needs a little bit more work for me and will hopefully find its way to a release soon.