Superfly SuperConductor - HowTo -auto-play and innitilaze output(s) on reboot?

Hello, on reboot (after power failure, for example) of my PC, I have SuperConductor, Caspar server and Casparcg scanner loading from the startup folder. Everything loads properly, but the output(s) don’t initialize unless the “Restart and play all Parts in Group” or “Play all Parts in Group” button is pressed with the mouse. Even if SC loads in a playing condition, the output(s) are not initialized. I have tried loading and delay-loading them in different order but nothing works. It seems that Caspar server needs an updated cmd from Superconductor and I’m unable to find a way to automate that. In desperation, I created a mouse-move macro on startup that “presses” the button on Superconductor, but that’s unreliable if the GUI is not in the same location every time.

Is there a start-up or config file for Superconductor where I can have it “Restart and play all Parts in Group” after loading so an updated cmd can go to Caspar server?


This sounds like a bug to me, SC should automatically ensure that Caspar is playing “the correct thing”, ie what you see in the GUI is what should be on the output.

Please report this as a bug on github: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Thanks for the reply.

As I understand it, Superconductor sends commands to caspar server but does not receive data. Therefore, I’m not sure it’s a bug since there’s not a way for SC to get a verification that the proper item is, in fact playing on Caspar server.

My current workaround is an assigned hotkey for “play” (z) and a .mu3 file I made and put in the windows startup folder that starts superconductor and after a 10 second delay, triggers the “z” hotkey. This file can be executed to load and plat SC on a running windows system also (not just a reboot), It works good.

Yeah the bug was that SuperConductor didn’t to a “re-sync” when it started up. In the latest version (0.11.2, released today), this should now be fixed so it’ll send the proper commands, ensuring that whatever you see in the GUI is what you should see at playout.

Thank you. It now works properly with the 0.11.2 update.