Suggested card for 4K CasparCG graphics

We are evaluating the purchase of additional SDI cards to be used for Caspar generated graphics, and we would like at least one of them to be 4K capable.

We use mainly BMD DeckLink (Duo2 and Quad2) cards in Sonnet Echo Express SE I with Thunderbolt 3 connection.

Is this configuration viable for 4K graphics according to your experience? Does a DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G or DeckLink 8K Pro work? Which one of the two is preferable?

Thanks in advance.

I have no experience with the Sonnet. If you can run a Quad 2, that uses 8 PCIe lanes in that box the other two cards should work also. Do you run all channels of the Quad 2 at once, so that the PCIe bandwidth is used fully? If not it could be tricky.

The 8K is not as flexible as the Duo 2 (it is NOT a Duo 2 with 4K SDI) but it should be able to give you two channels of fill and key. But not a fill & key and a input and a preview, for instance. The 4K Extreme gives you one channel of fill and key with analog and AES/EBU audio.

The UltraStudio 4K would also be an option.

Don’t forget you need a Graphics Card that can also process the 4k video feeds.
We had to bump our z640 with Quadro K4200 to a Quadro RTX4000

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