Stuttering on one channel while loading a media on the other channels


I have two identical playout servers as a primary and a backup for about 5 years. they are running on Windows7. both have a samba shared drive to a Storage server which runs on Debian 7_11. CasparCG Server 2.1.0 Beta 2 is running on both servers. the playout servers have Blackmagic Design DeckLink Quad card.

they play media over a virtual LAN, they were fine until recently. normally loading a media takes 0.2 seconds but randomly, it may take up to 1 minute, while one time it took 5 minutes to load a media. while Caspar is trying to load a media on one channel, playing different files on the order channels, starts stuttering or freezing.

this happens on both servers. Do you have any idea, what may cause this issue?

is there any option to log more detail on CasparCG? robust logging to see why LOAD takes longer than usual.

Recently Microsoft changed how it access SMB v1, maybe versions of SMB are not compatible with your Linux server. You can try different versions of SMB on Windows side:


My storage server which is running Debian 7-11 is using Samba to share its storage to the Playout/Caspar Servers. Samba is not installed on the Playout servers. they just mount the Samba shared point.

the playout servers did not update since day one.

Samba is just server application implementing SMB protocol, so you do not need Samba on playout server, it already has SMB client bulit in Windows 7.

Maybe there was Linux server update recently that updated Samba server software, so your playout servers have problem accessing storage with older version of SMB client? Asking this because this looks like network issue, so if it is not some malware on playout server only SMB comes to mind.