Streaming to twitter/periscope

With CasparCG 2.0.7, we can stream to periscope using :

ADD 1-9003 STREAM rtmp://<STREAMKEY> -codec:v libx264 -filter:v format=yuv420p,scale=960:540 -level:v 3.0 -profile:v main -preset:v veryfast -maxrate:v 800k -b:v 800k -bufsize:v 800k -x264opts:v keyint=60 -codec:a aac -ar:a 48k -b:a 88k -strict -2 -f flv

but with version 2.3, I don’t find thss good ffmpeg’s parameters.
Does anyone succeed to stream to periscope ?

Try following

-codec:a aac -strict -2  -b:a 128k -ar:a 48000 -b:v 2750k -filter:v format=pix_fmts=yuv422p,scale=1024x576,fps=25 -filter:a pan=stereo|c0=c0|c1=c1 -format flv

Thank you, Vimlesh, for your answer. But it doesn’t work.
It should be because Periscope “decoder needs the size and frame rate information to accept the stream”

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