Streaming Gfx for Mobile streaming

Hello dear all,

I am thinking about a little project.
I would like to stream using multiple mobiles live videos and put dynamic gfx on those videos using data grabbed by an API.
Any Idea about how to achieved this?
In my mind each mobile video will stream on an online page and caspar should be able to overlay it…
Is it possible in some sort of way?

Thank you!!!


You certainly need to overlay any graphic before it gets streamed to a CDN. I’ve used apps like Live:Air Solo (iOS) that can do simple images, text and videos and stream to any CDN.

If you really need to overlay CasparCG templates, you could set up a local rtmp server that receives each mobile stream, grab it in a CasparCG channel, and streams it again to a specific live stream key (facebook live, instagram, etc).
The thing is, you need a huge amount of upstream bandwidth and a rock solid WiFi network and still end up with some hiccups unless you set a very long cache time

Another path is to set up an Airplay or chromecast receiver that you can input to Caspar with only the camera showing up in the stream. (This reduces latency but increases instability).

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I would do it the “analog” way. I would use a browser to show the stream on the desktop of a pc and then use a scan rate converter, like the Matrox convert DVI or a similar device to convert it to SDI. Feed that into a Decklink input, play it in Caspar and add the overlays on top of it.

I did a similar thing this weekend for a big TV award show, using it to Skype with winners that were not in the studio. Worked like a charm. See here from 37:29 (audio is in Swiss German and French).


Hi and thanks both for the hints.

I believe that what @rrebuffo says it is what is closer to what I need to do.
So if I got 14 mobiles streaming to different links (pages or whatever), I need to pass first trough a caspar server machine and generate a channel for each of them.

This means there is no way I suppose to overlay on top of a video already streamed.
In my dreams I would stream direct to youtube for instance with a mobile and just put the caspar gfx on top of it as would be another layer directly saying to youtube which layer it is…
Youtube is an example.

Ok this looks a bit hard…maybe exists an mobile app able to grab data from an API and generate overlays.

If I misunderstood let me know or if you have an hint for an app that does this job…well let me know too!

Thank you both!

It’s not hard at all to implement, technical limitations are the main problem here… the math just don’t add up. 14 mobiles (720p@30 x 2500kbps) would be at least 3 or 4 servers with dedicated internet connections and wireless access points… quite a budget for a “little project”.

What I did not understand: Are these 14 streams run as independent parallel streams or do they contribute to one final program, the same as 14 cameras would?

Hi Didi not actually a final program but 14 different ones.
The Idea is to have 14 landing pages selectable trough UI and each of them having a mobile streaming feed with a different gfx on it.

Eheh probably I underestimated it :slight_smile: