Streamdeck Control for Caspar - here it comes!


CCG was added in the latest build it´s working pretty fine so far :slight_smile:


If someone want to give it a try, use the latest build:


Looks like a nice tool Thanks for the links

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amazing tool

Hi Guys, sorry to interject in your feed, I am new to Caspar, and StreamDeck too…

I have installed CCG and integrated it with our studio. I want to efficiently control CCG with StreamDeck. Now, I have set it up with Companion and OSC play, stop & go commands work, but What I would love to do is utilise one button to Load Next (VT in the playlist in CCG Client), and another button to Play what ever VT is loaded. At the moment I am using a separate button for LOAD & a separate button for PLAY, per VT. This could turn into pages and pages of buttons.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: