Strange audio noise when playing videos


I have a client that needs to play a few video clips for an upcoming broadcast. I have previously done this by throwing the clips on an SD card and then play them with a HyperDeck mini. This time I wanted to move the video playback to CasparCG as this would be much easier with the setup that we have for this broadcast.

The issue I have is with the audio on the clips. I’m getting a very small crackling noise throughout all the clips. I have tried encoding the clips with lots of different settings but the noise persists. This makes me think it’s a configuration problem with Caspar and not a problem with the videos or the encoding.

I’m running version 2.2.0 but I have also tried 2.0.7 and have the same problem. The output is through a Decklink 4K Extreme but the problem is still there when I try system audio and newtek-ndi.

I have attached a short recording from the mixer as it’s difficult to describe the noise in text.

Appreciate all the help I can get.

Is the Audio encoded with 48kHz sampling rate?

Yes all audio is encoded in 48kHZ. I have done some tests with 44.1kHZ but most for the most part have I used 48k

I’ve experienced this a lot with BMD driver’s. Not saying it is related as you mention you’ve tried it through different audio devices… but they are frustrating drivers.

Try setting your volume down to 0.9 or 0.8. did the job for me with some distortions. 44khz or 48 khz should not matter anyway…

This is basically distortion that happens when you change or alter the frequency to something different hz.