ST2110 support?


I know CasparCG since a long time. Our visual radio setups still run on it, with once SDI fill/key and now NDI outputs.

But! For our broadcast operations, we’re looking for ‘something’ to output HTML5 graphics, with fill and key, to ST2110. At the moment, we’re looking at Flowics and Singular for the GFX. These output a URL, which can be used straight in OBS, vMIX and the lot. With the BMD 2110 card there, I started wondering:

  • Can CCG support these 2110 cards, and do you get fill and key streams out of it?
  • Can CCG support Flowics/Singular output URLS, thus outputting their GFX over 2110?

Looking forward to all feedback! And if this question is not OK (being partly about Flowics/Singular), please delete my post!

At the CasparCG Meetup at IBC we briefly discussed this issue. This is what I know:

As none of us has one of these cards, it seems that they are not deliverable just yet, we could not test. As these cards support the standard BMD SDK they should just work. And maybe they are also outputting fill and key.

No, Caspar does not support the output of raw URL’s. As Caspar is layer based you would anyway only get one layer at a time.

I spoke to Bluefish444 after the meetup, and they said that they expect to soon start working on updating the CasparCG support for their cards to include the newer models. That will include support for their cards which do 2110.

The Blackmagic cards are starting to ship (only the converter box, and the one which does both 2110 and sdi so far), so it should be possible to get an answer soon.

I have been considering doing a software implementation of 2110 with GitHub - OpenVisualCloud/Media-Transport-Library: A real-time media transport (LibOS UDP and SMPTE ST 2110) stack based on DPDK and COTS hardware., but I haven’t had any clients asking for it, so I haven’t made a start on anything yet.

I talked at IBC to BMD and they said their 2110-card should work with all applications that can use any Decklink-card (believe that who may). I have ordered Decklink 2110 which I will test with CasparCG, vMix etc when I get them. And I will update here.
By the way, I saw a fantastic camera for visual radio at IBC, OBSbot Tail air that has NDI-HX3 as output.

Thanks for the feedback so far! If I know more in the future, I will keep you in the loop!

Yeah, I wonder how well it will work though. Specifically, will the card allow for F+K pairing of two of the streams? The card can do 3 streams, so if it can pair them, are there limitations on which?
I do expect that in many ways it will ‘just work’, but I also feel like it won’t do everything perfectly.

I also have one on order, once it arrives I shall have a play and confirm whether we do need to do anything

Ok got it.