Squeezeback/L-Band client app availble?

Hi guys!

I’m looking for a very simple client for CasparCG that would do a squeezeback or L-Band with options to resize video area and change transition speeds.


Thanks in advance!

The CaspaCG Client will do this just fine.

you just to place it all in a group and play the group.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any programming experience so was looking for a developer to develop a simple client for our department to use to activate our squeeze backs.

What is the misunderstanding here? He talked about the official CasparCG client that you can download from our website. Nothing about programming.

Sorry if I’m not being clear.

I know CasparCG is well capable of doing this. I should have made my intentions a little known. I would like someone to custom develop a frontend app that will do this. Features should include video area resizing, duration of transition, how long it will be “squeeze back’d” and a playlist of items (.TGA sequences or other).

Thank You

Why would you want this? It’s quite easy to do with the official client. One could also develop a template that does this, by controlling layers from the template. Did a lot of such stuff. Do you need an idiot proof solution, that you do not want to use the official client?

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i have never considered this, a template that talks back to the server. this just changed my world. thanks didi

I do that mostly in cases were I have no control over the play out of the templates. Like with a newsroom automation, were the automation can only play and stop templates. There I use fully transparent templates with code that talks back to Caspar and can trigger all sort of stuff on multiple other layers, like playing video clips, doing mixer commands or controlling other templates for a NEXT functionality etc. Sometimes a bit tricky to implement but very powerful.