Sport Chronometer Flash Template

Hello folks!

Any of you got a draft or may simply explain about how to make a chronometer to show running time on gfx?

My scenario:
A clock must start by a prefixed daytime, then must pause at an intermediate time and then stop on the finishline.
All receiving daytime strings maybe refreshing every halfsecond (no need for more precision).
I am totally noob on programming and even more ignorant on actionscript3 ehehe
So if you have a guide or any hint would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you and have a great end of the old and beginning of the new year!

What is a “prefixed daytime”? How does the timer know, when to pause and stop?

Probably you better look for somebody, that knows how to program :slight_smile:

Thank you and all the best for the new year also.


Prefixed time is a daytime string that is saved in a dataset.
can be 1 for a group start or individual for individual starts.

The clock of the pc - the start daytime of the race will generate the current running time.

The intermediate time and finishtime will always arrive from a netsocket. everything is on internet.
In the future I will see if add a trigger trough serial connection from a timing device or not…It will depend on the real need.

At the moment is more or less just a desire to learn how to make a program for sport.

Yep I asked to a good friend to give me an help…al the rest honestly is coming from this great community :slight_smile:
Thank you Didikunz, the sample you sent me at the beginning of my journey gave my great bases to proceed :slight_smile: