Someone have a COVID-19 Custom Client dashboard developed...?

Someone have a COVID-19 Custom Client developed…?
I want lowerthird / Logo Inserter / Right Side graphics.

You can write him a private message. He will be notified by e-mail about it, so that he can see it without coming here.

Thanks Didikunz

Am I stupid or was the question originaly about getting in contact with tsipas?

Sorry Didikunz, when you told me to send to him a private message, then I was able to contact him. But I can’t find how to delete the message here. Excuse me. So I just changed the concept of the header. Please excuse me, it wasn’t that you were wrong, it was me who changed it. I’m sorry if I did it wrong, my formal excuses.

No problem, I just started to question myself :joy: It‘s good, I don‘t need a doctor :joy:

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