Is anyone using SocialTVHub, having some issues with its support for Instagram and doesn’t look like there email address works.

Are there any alternatives?

Hello grahamspr

This is Alberto, from the SocialTVHub. Sorry to hear that you are having problems contacting us by email, it is really strange because we haven’t received your emails on any of our addresses (admin or hello at SocialTVHub dot com).

We are facing issues regarding the Instagram support, because they have disabled many of the API functions without giving developers any notification. In fact, they will remove most of the API support by the end of the year, that is why we decided to disable Instagram for the moment.

If you need to use the platform to work with Instagram, please write to us and we will refund your subscription.

We are working on giving access to Instagram in the future, but taking into account the restrictions that they are applying to the API, the access to its content will be very limited.

Have a nice day.

Alberto Padilla.

Thanks for replying, got this back from gmail 24 hours after sending an email, still not sure yet if it’s fine through

There was a temporary problem while delivering your message to Gmail will retry for 44 more hours. You’ll be notified if the delivery fails permanently.

Is there any other workarounds for Instagram?, screenshot of some form then upload to a list?

Hi graham

You wrote to the wrong address (at socialhub instead to socialtvhub), that is why we weren’t getting your emails.

Sadly, for the moment we can’t offer any workaround to import Instagram messages. If we find a solution we will let you know.

Best regards.

The contact us button is wrong on your site.

You are totally right. Thanks.