So... IBC, in December

So IBC will be moving to December this year with the conference and expo running from Dec 3-6.

I wanted to see if anyone thinks they’ll be going. Not very excited about it myself but if enough of you, my friends, will be there I’d probably end up going.

P.S: I spent January in Amsterdam 20 some years ago and it was cold as f**k - and I live in Iceland.

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I sure want to go. Need to see, what COVID rules apply to travel to the Nederlands from Switzerland, but I think they are not as crazy as the Germans, so it should be possible. I hope to see you guys all there again.

You could bring one of your volcanoes to warm things up.

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We would love to go, but still waiting for rules to travel without tests etc.

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I live in The Netherlands. I already will have my second Pfizer on June 22. I would consider it.

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How strict are the COVID rules in the Netherlands? I try to do as less as possible :slight_smile:

If you are from an ‘orange area’, then you will need to go in quarantine once you arrive in The Netherlands. Also, you would need to show a negative PCR-test or have been vaccinated fully. You will need to show evidence then.

Once you are here, you put on your mouth mask at any public inside area, such as buildings. You don’t need to wear it outside.

Of course, you will keep 1.5m distance at all time. You will be able to have a beer or a pizza, but you will need to SIT DOWN. You can NOT walk and eat. That is forbidden and an offense that will result in a 95 EUR fine. Same goes if you don’t hold a distance.

IBC would need to guarantee there are no big groups at a stand. If so, that is fully illegal as the maximum group size is 4 persons. If you don’t follow the rule, that’s gathering and also a new offense for yet another 95 EUR.

You would need to test and self isolate as soon as you feel sick. Not going in quarantine will be a new offense for yet another 95 EUR.

But that’s now. We are relaxing measurements in a very high tempo now. I guess we won’t have much of these rules anymore in December. The idea is to be ‘back to normal’ by September.

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depending on how the worldwide situation of the pandamic will be, I’m considering to join. I’m not sure how it will be possible to maintain distance at all time at IBC. For my decission it is essential to lower the risk of getting infected. (and I’m lucky enough to be already fully vaccinated)

@didikunz: I agree that we germans are crazy, but maybe meaning it differently than you. My wife works in a hospital and I see how they are struggeling with this additional work for the last 15 months. And struggeling in hospitals always means that there are lives at stake.

I did not want to offend somebody nor wanted to start a political discussion here in this forum. I am sorry if that was, what you understuud. Let‘s use the Caspar Forum for Caspar stuff and social media for the rest. Again sorry.