Smooth Edges of Screen Fonts

On a lot of userpc’s have Caspar CG to make graphics.
We have turn off ‘Smooth Edges of Screen Fonts’ in the windows settings to make alpha work.
Now this makes the text not sharp on a lot of other applications as well.
My question is there a way to keep ‘Smooth Edges of Screen Fonts’ on and have alpha work at the same time?

Apply a blur filter to your text elements. Just set BlurX and BlurY to 0, if you don’t really need blur. Then there’s no need to change Windows settings.

Replace your flash template host files with the files here: 10

You’ll need to remove the old versions from your server folder and your templates folder and replace them with these.

Make sure they don’t have the swf file extension.

I’ve tried to get these shipped with CasparCG because this issue affects everybody but for some reason it seemed controversial.

It works by applying cache as bitmap to the template in the template host.

Solution by @silid seems even easier. Adding a filter also caches that text as bitmap. I think the controversial issue is caching the whole movieclip - there might be performance issues when there are a lot of objects and animations:

@silid Thanks, that does the trick! That saves a lot of time.

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