Small GUI to playout Pictures

Hi everybody,
this is my first Topic, so be gentle :yum:

First thanks to this nice and tiny Forum and Project. I read and tried a lot, but although I am not a programmer - at the end, i build a small GUI in VB to playout Pictures thru CasparCG via Blackmagic SDI Ports. ((see Screenshot)

My wish was to create a easy to use Playouttool.
Just drag and drop Pictures from the Windows Picturesfolder to a Grid. By clicking on the Thumbnails, the Picture goes out to a Output 1-4 incl KEY if necessary.

Freeze Input over a second card + Key if necessary.

To complete it, there are some functions missing:

  • playout Pictures from Subfolders in โ€œPicturesโ€. I dont use the scanner, because i use the VB webbrowser. So i can drang and drop the Picture in the Grid, but the subfolder is missing in the textbox.

  • by clicking the connect buttom, it becomes green, but its not a real connection. If the Server is down, it stays green.

  • a small Playlist to create by drag and drop. Maybe right to the Webbrowser in VB. (Screenshot) tried it first in a seperate new Form, but here i stuck.

System is a Win11 HP Z2 G8 Workstation, NVIDIA RTX A2000, Blackmagic Quad2 & Duo2

It was not easy to configure and put all the puzzles together, but with your all help it works so far :slight_smile:
Maybe you have some Tips for me, or maybe a better way. VB vs HTML :wink:
Its until now just a small Project next to my work to evt get a backup for our old HD Sigiclient.