Slowed down video and audio Decklink Duo2/Windows10

I’ve faced a problem with Casparcg running on Windows 10.

I’ve bought a new HP z2 workstation few month ago with i7/16ram/p2000/decklink duo2/win10. I’ve prepared it properly as it’s described in Caspar Wiki, and I’ve used it few times only for lower thirds. Few days ago I needed to use it as a PlayOut station, and there was a problem, I’m describing it in detail:
1.I tried to play some mxf and mov files with it to the sdi output, first file played OK, but on further ones the video was sloved down and the sound too, with some disruptions.
2.I played those videos on win7 station (with the same Caspar Server version, it was just copy-pasted in past) and everything was OK
3. I’ve reinstalled Decklink drivers (were something like 10.10-10.11 to the latest 11.2) (and also I’ve turned on screen consumer of that channel and system audio just for test on that iteration) and everything was ok
4. Than I’ve turned of screen consumer and system audio and the problem returned
5. I’ve turned that consumers back on, and was playing videos for some time, the speed was OK, but the more time passed, the more out of sync were video and audio. After 2 hours of work, the audio was 3 seconds behind
I haven’t enough time for further tests. Maybe someone has encountered with such problem?
As I know, Windows 7 is out of support and the new processors generation doesn’t work with it too…

This sounds as if the frame rate of the content doesn’t match that of the settings for your caspar.

eg. If content is 50p and frame rate of caspar is 25p then it’ll play out at 50% speed,

Audio settings of content (eg. 48KHz / 44.1) also has to match the caspar… (I think)

I’ve found a problem, but I’ve forgotten to write it here. My processor only supports 16 PCI Express lines, so as long as my video card was inserted in the first PCIe socket, and Decklink in second, and I was running more then 1 CasparCG channel, I had problems with stammering output. Once I’ve swapped the decklink and the videoboard in sockets, everything goes well. So, I think it was just a lack of PCI lines.