If someone needs an audio controller for CasparCG you should try this one.
Right now it has protocols for CasparCG (big thanks to NRK and, Behringer, Midas, Reaper (, Ardour and more to come.

It has a build-in OSC-API for Automation systems and runs very well with NRK´s Sofie
(but I guess most stuff runs well with SOFIE :slight_smile: )

If you been in front of a video mixer you will feel right at home.
For now you need to build it (description in but releases will follow.
Please feel free to contribute, come up with ideas and give feedback.


Release 0.2 with Mac OS prebuild:

NRK´s SOFIE controlling -> Sisyfos controlling -> Audio Mixer:


Very cool!!! Thanks


Release 0.2.1:

  • Feat: Automation protocol change channel label: /ch/1/label
  • Feat: Automation individual fade time: /ch/1/mix/pgm -I {off or on: 0 or 1} -f {fadetime in ms}
  • Chore: Update build so it´s possible to build a full release on Mac (including win and linux)
  • Chore: CircleCI typetest and build test
  • Fix: Changed default IP port to 1234 instead of 8000 (as that could conflict with CasparCG MediaScanner)
  • Chore: Cleanup in Protocols (Midas and Behringer masters removed)
  • Fix: Grp faders PST button has reverse color status
  • Fix: Optimising Take - was slow when crossfading 32 channels at the same time.


Release 0.3.0:
A lot has been done on the CasparCG support
Ember protocol are almost there, but still not enabled on release.


This release includes support for light control, using DMXIS (