Simple Rugby Union ScoreBanner HTML template + client

I was previously using flash templates for the LED screen at my local rugby union stadium (modified version of the WCFootball example), as flash is no longer working I could really use some help getting started making a front-end for a HTML5 template.
Simple top banner with;
Team1Name, ScoreTeam1, ScoreTeam2,Team2Name, Clock.
The clock needs to count up, be able to be paused, and be editable during the game. It also needs to have minutes section count up to 90min or more. The clock is the bit that’s taking me time to make, and I need it working soon.
I’ve gone back to running the .ft scoreboard on an older server that doesn’t go ever online.
Happy to pay for someone to help get me started.

Will the template design be that simple? Or is this just to show what needs to be done? Because such a thing (client and template) could be done very quick, if there is nothing more to it.

Thanks for responding. Yes it is a pretty simple design, I’m just having trouble with a front end client to run the clock, everything else I could just run from within the CG default client. Animating banner template on/off with a scripted wipe (up to offscreen) would be handy too, as I’m running fill&key as a DSK in my mixer.

Sounds doable, will send you a PM.

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