Simple question - How to make keyboard shortcuts (may help beginners)

Dear forum users,
I have recently started using CasparCG with a new deckline Extreme card, and like many others I found out that a lot of the older documentation has gone since the old wiki and forum have been deleted. I have made a lot of progress so far by watching videos and reading up, and have made my own flash-templates that I will use from now on in my studio environment. (We record trainings for professionals). But I have been stuck at this question for 3 days now… Therefore I think it is a crucial stepping stone that may be worth a topic:

I cannot figure out how to allocate keyboard buttons to play certain graphics. I have made neat groups of text and animations for lower thirds and infographics. I can use F2 to play them out on a client/server combined-machine. But now I simply want to make certain groups play-out when I press numpad 1 to 9.
Can you guys give a little help or nudge, to get me further on the road again? I can program a little Java and Actionscript, but I have no idea where to begin this quest into the promising possibilities of CasparCG.

well, there are a lot of possibilites. As far as I know, the standard client does currently not support custom keyboard shortcuts. You could however trigger the groups in the client via osc and the inbuilt remote triggering functionality. We discussed that here: Remote Triggering - Caspar CG Client

All you need with that, is a small app, that sends the right osc-messages to the client, when you press the buttons.

i opened a feauture request back in 2014 for this :wink:
maybe you can bump this on github to give it new attention


This can easy be solved by using an utility like AutoHotKey. To play different groups using different hotkeys I would suggest writing a small program that either issues OSC commands (as novalis mentiioned) or directly play out the clips.