Simple Client for Excel files


For a job i made a very simple but also very quick working client that imports Excel files.

Idea very simple.
Firstline of the excel file contains the template field names (like ‘f0’)
all other excel lines contain the data to be shown.
You can select one of these lines and show.
Making data delivery by 3rd parties fast and easy to understand.

Just for inspiration for all client builders here.
if you like I am willing to share

big thankyou to team “superfly” for making casparcg-connection


Have you seen this? Whit it you can do the same from whit in Excel itself. And you can use all sort of formulas and stuff…


Yep i guess it was a source off inspiration :wink:

Really like your plug-in / approach !! :+1:

My approach here was to make it “ultra” simple / very basic.
As it fit’s more in the operation i made it for.

yes it is certainly less versatile then your plug-in.


That is nice to hear, thanks.

Mine was to make it as flexible as possible, so that “power” users of Excel can use all of their know how to shape data the way they need it. The price is, that it’s not so easy to use.

I just reticently made a quick client for live subtitling of an opera (!) that imports Excel data and updates a simple template. So, as you said, sometimes the best approach is to build something for a particular use case.


Hi Maurice78,
It looks very useful. Will be great if you share it.
Thank you in advance.


When I find time I will clean it up a bit and post it here


sounds very interesting , what is the language you used ? Would be even more interesting to be able to work on gsheet (for my needs :slight_smile: since anyone can update it at any time during the show way easier than an excel file.)

On my side I worked on a node-js interface that was using google API to retrieve data from gsheet, then update casparcg template in real time. Never finished and it stayed a demo purpose, but interesting enough


You could use a power query in Excel to pull the data from gsheet and my AddIn to update a Caspar template with the data.