Showing live flight departure / arrival info on a video

Hi, I have a video stream of an airport and I wanted to add an overlay with the current arrivals and departures. Is it possible to do this with CasparCG? I could use FFMPEG, but it doesn’t have many customizations for font, etc.


You can definitly do this with caspar.Where is the data coming from ?

Yes, using casparcg you could make the overlay as a html webpage and then output that with the stream behind it in realtime. That gives you a lot of design flexibility

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I’d probably use FlightAware Firehose, which gives real time data on altitude, distance from airport, gate number, delayed, etc.

How do I actually use casparcg? Is it an add on for OBS?

Right now my setup is from the IP camera in RTSP to FFMPEG which sends it in “copy” mode to youtube’s streaming server.

You can setup ivga in Caspar and use that as an NDI input in OBS.

Ok thanks for the replies, I guess I’ll start doing some more reading of the documentation now that I know it’s possible.

@ms234 It sounds like you want to overlay some html graphics and it will be left running completely unattended?
If so, then I would question whether caspar should be used as it sounds like something that could be done in just obs. obs can play a stream and has a browser source which will overlay a webpage in the same way you can in caspar. The key thing it is lacking (as far as im aware) is being able to easily control it over some protocol and dynamically change layers or reload producers.

Yes, I just want to add an overlay and let it run. Thanks I guess I’ll try OBS studio with the browser overlay.