Show and Tell

One of the topics I miss most from the old forum was the showcase thread.

It was great to see the various use cases for Caspar and how users had managed to get the most from the project. This served as a great source of inspiration.

I am not in the broadcast industry but am working on a local news project that will utilise CasparCG on the web. Unfortunately, I do not have anything to show you as of yet (slow progress!).

In the meantime, was hoping that the community could use this thread to demo and showcase some of their own projects in th spirit of us learning from eachother.

As I have nothing to show myself, I can only post somebody elses work here to get the ball rolling:

BBC Alba is a channel broadcasting in Scots-Gaelic in Scotland on DVB-T and across Northern Europe on satellite. During the hours when no programmes are scheduled, BBC Scotland have deployed Caspar CG to produce this off-air service.

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Please see: Augmented Reality Broadcasting with CasparCG

My latest Bandy Client demo.


I have a web page that showcases some of the projects created for Estonian Public Broadcasting and other Estonian production companies:

Almost all of them use CasparCG, which has been my weapon of choice since 2012. Right now I offer my services as a gun for hire :wink:

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