Short video clips with cracking noises/ms lag/slience


I have a problem with the sound of some video clips. I want to run a playlist of some clips. Because I’m using a 2+ server version of CasparCG I have to use JustMacros for that. In that program I run raw commands to the server, for example:

CasparSendRaw( 1, “LOADBG 1-10 /CME CUT 1” );
CasparSendRaw( 1, “PLAY 1-10 CME CUT 1” );

Thats just for understading of my setup. Now I hear random silence moments in these videos. Just a few ms but enough to recognize it. Does anybody know why this is like that?
I’m getting a warning in the CasparCG console, maybe it’s that?
ffmpeg[umlCashBack.mp4|1920x1080p24.00|1/360] Frame blending frame rate conversion required to conform to channel frame rate.

The clip is 24fps and the channel 25/50. That does not work. As it tries to adapt to the framerate and creates dropout while doing so.

So converting all clips to 50fps should help maybe?

It depends of the settings of your channel. If your channel is 24fps, you can use 24fps and/or 48fps video. If your channel is 29.97fps or 59.94fps you can use 29.97fps and/or 59.94fps.

CasparCG Server has a Framerate Producer which can only half or double the framerate of the material you’re feeding to the server.

So, take a look at your casparcg.config file for the framerate of your channel, and convert your videos accordingly.

My framerate for the channel is 50fps

So, you need 25p, 50i or 50p material to get proper results.