Setting up WebCG for CasparCG

After seeing another user post a question with the following link:

I decided to try and set this up myself. I followed the instructions however I am having trouble accessing anything with “” my browser will only display phpmyadmin as localhost. The instructions to set this up seem to indicate that the MAMP software it recommends will allow you to access the download files automatically using your own IP address by the way I am interpreting it. I imported the database file by accessing phpmyadmin via localhost however I am unable to access the webcg page from step 7 of the installation.

How do I access webcg from the IP of my machine instead of from localhost?

I understand this question is more related to another piece of software however I can’t find precise instructions which I can understand online and would certainly appreciate anyone who could help as I assume there must be other people who have ran into this trying to set up webcg for casparcg.

I also noted that in resources/tips there were dead links to the old forum, I have just started learning about casparcg recently but I have seen posts where some people have stated they have saved some threads from the old forums, I was wondering if anyone had a copy of anything relating to WebCG that I could read?

This is my first post so hopefully the more I learn the more I can contribute to helping others too, appreciate the time taken for anyone reading this.

may need to use your_ip/webcg
to find your_ip:
on windows, open command prompt & enter ipconfig
look for 192.xx.xx.x or some recognizable ip address
on linux, open terminal & enter ifconfig
look for 192.xx.xx.x or some recognizable ip address

also, i had to edit ~/webcg/logic/config.php:
// Database Details.
$DB_NAME = ‘cg’;
$DB_HOST = ‘localhost’;
$DB_USER = ‘cat’;
$DB_PASS = ‘my_password’;

i also gave user www-data read & write permissions recursively on /var/www/html but that probably goes w/o saying

I have problems with connecting to the server.
Server Log is saying:
“Accepted connection from 3
Client was disconnected”