Setting a video clip to loop/disable loop after already loaded

I’m kinda new here,
I’m a .net developer and been playing with caspar for a while, it’s an awesome product! I love it!

I would like to be able to enable/disable loop for a clip after it’s loaded,
I saw the “CALL” command and tried “call 1-1 loop” - (layer1-1 is the layer with the video)
It doesn’t seem to enable loop once the clip is loaded, what am I doing wrong?

Also - I’m using the OSC stream to get data on loaded clips, is there a proper manual to learn about all of its capabilities (the osc stream)?

Thank you all!

I’ts CALL 1-1 LOOP 1 to loop and CALL 1-1 LOOP 0 to stop it

I guess I missed that in the AMCP protocol specs,
Thank you very much!