Server INFO in 2.2


INFO command is removed in Server 2.2 so how can we get server info now ?
if it is via OSC then someone please guide registeredmethod address for info
also how we get complete list of registered methods of OSC?


Yes, OSC is the recommended method now but there is a lack of documentation currently and OSC does not fully cover the functionality that was removed.

Another way to do this is to use the state-scanner built by Olzzon: CasparCG-State-Scanner This allows you to use GraphQL instead of OSC and I think it is documented better.

thanks balte,
let me check

Hi Noumaan,

Please feel free to do feature requests in github for the state-scanner if you want to use it.
I’ve mainly used it for the CasparCG-ClipTool so you might have some other needs :slight_smile:

OSC is useful for transient things like time/frame number, it’s not useful for things like server config/paths/etc- the kind of thing a client might query once or twice IMNSHO, we would be generally be better off if most of the removed info was returned. (Or, if a good alternative was provided.)


i agree with zbang if we can get any other better solution for info query

thanks olzzon, sure :slight_smile:
i’ll test it