Server connection using Telnet delay and external PNG sequence


I’m working with Flash templates and video files and I need to control those video files from the template, so I’m using AS3 Telnet to send commands to the server. When I’m using desktop computers, even the ones with the older configurations, there’s a 25-frame delay - that’s the time needed for obtaining server connection, but when I’m using laptops, that delay is always much longer, and it’s not even related to their performance, because I’ve tried it even with the high quality ones.

Does anyone have an idea what could be the cause of that?

The reason I’m using video files is that I need those templates to have changeable elements (for example flags or logos), so I can’t work with imported PNG sequences. Another question is - Is there a way to work with external PNG sequences?

I’m not quite sure I’ve explained the problem clearly enough, so please ask me if any further explanation is needed.

Thank you.

That is a problem of the way, how Flash works. I usually got 2 seconds. You can work around this, by establishing the connection on loading the template and simply load it 2 to 3 seconds before you use it. In the official client load is f3. So you press f3 and on cue you press play (f2).

To get rid of this delay I would start with HTML 5 templates. There you can load external videos as WebM videos straight into the HTML, without using Telnet. That works virtually without any delay.

I was afraid to do the transition from building Flash templates to building HTML templates for a long time. Now I can tell you, that it is not that much of a learning curve, as I feared. JavaScript is very similar to ActionScript, but you have many more possibilities in HTML as you have in Flash.


Thank you for your advice. I had been delaying switching to HTML for some time, but after your reply I started the process.

I would appreciate if you could recommend some tools or tutorials. I’ve started with Loopic and it looks pretty cool.

I use the workflow, that @Martastain created, around his template-builder. There are a few examples in the repo. I created a front end app for this and I use Visual Studio Code to edit the source files.

For quite some time now I am working on a tool, that can create HTML templates from JSON files exported from After Effects via the BodyMovin plugin. I hope to have it working around IBC this year.

I as didikunz did not want to start using HTML5
Templates. Whish i had sooner.

This community and Didi have helped me aot over the years. So ask a lot of questions. Most people are quick to help.

A tool i liked was adobe edge animate.
It is no longer supported but u can down load it still.
And there is a library of tools for it. E2C
There are eiser things out there, but reminded me of flash at the time
If you try that out you need the 2014 version
Available under legacy apps at Adobe.

Video tutorial

At the time the CasparCG builds only supported some html functionality and it was hard. Now the newer build support just about anything i ask of it.

These days i thend to do things by hand in v s code. Sence Adobe droped brackets. Seams a trend…
And i write and test every thing for chrome. Especially the animations.

Best of luck