Server client on M1Pro chip

Hey there, I would like to use official Client on M1Pro chip, but it’s not launching. Maybe anybody have compiled version to work? Or maybe there is some date when it could be launched for using?

Works fine for me on MacOS 12.1. I don’t recall doing anything special. Downloaded from CasparCG

Which version you are using?

I also find the MacOS client 2.0.8 runs fine on MacOS 10.15, MacOS 11 and MacOS 12. Client version 2.2 also runs on MacOS 10.15 (as per the readme data in the distribution).

However I have never managed to get Client 2.2 to run on either MacOS 11 or MacOS 12. It opens as far as creating the menu bar, but then hangs. It does not open or create the database file for recording client settings. I tried to compile version 2.2 on a MacOS 12 machine, but without any sucess. The compile/build process creates multiple reports of incomaptibility between the OS and the version of QT libraries. So far I have not had any time to investigate further.