Server client conection

Has anyone a good idea.
1 machine (win10)
server 2.2.0 - client 214 sees the material on HD
server 2.3.0 LTS - client 214 dont see material on HD
server 2.2.0 - client 216 sees material on HD
server 2.3.0 -client 216 dont see material on HD
config files are as identical as possible
but with same config files on my laptop
2.3.0- 216 no problem material shows, video countdown is working etc.
In both cases I have allowed server, client and casparlaucher in all networks in WIN firewall-settings
Any ideas what there can be

Are you having playout problems or just the files not showing up in the client?

No playout is fine
“Play 1-10 AMB” works in the server and in client as custom command so the paths are correct.
The files just dont show up in client.
this is the the relavent part of config-file

    <predefined-clients />

client configuration

Localhost 5250

Enable OSC monitor 
port 6250
osc control
port 3250
osc web control
port 4250

osc output
Localhost port 3250

I think everything screams port-configuration, but I dont understand where the problem is.

Did you try running the old (2.2) scanner with the new server?
What the console says when you load the new client? Any errors?

I will try tomorrow to test with the old scanner.
But I dont think it is a problem with the software since the same downloaded versions works on my laptop without any problem.
So the only logical reason for the problem is in the PC or more precise in Win10, since I doubt that it is a hardware-problem.

It seems like the problem somehow is related to the scanner.
But it didn’t help to just replace the scanner with the one from 2.2.0 I did also have to use the CasparCG-launcher (made for Sofie) instead of rrebuffos Casparlauncher. Casparlaucher didnt update changes in the mediafolder but with CasparCG-Launcher all changes in the folder where updated in the client. But on my laptop Casparlauncher works perfectly with 2.3.0 scanner and I would prefer to use it because I think it has features I would like to have.

@rrebuffo Can I make a request for Casparlaucher?
when you in server setting write arguments it is in 99% of cases a specific config-file, right?
What if you had a browse-button from where you could pick a config-file, including folder-path.
Then you could have a file-structure like “CasparCG server / configs / NDI-configs or / NDI+SDI configs” or network shared configs.
It is today totally do-able but for a newbie quite a abstract consept of multiple/shared config-files

br markus

That’s actually in the works, Im looking into how the scanner looks for the config file so it should be in sync with the server.
The idea is to store loaded configs (and also the ones in the same folder as the executable) into a list so it’ll be quickly selectable.

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