Server BINGO

Here is the step by step workflow that you need that I send to you to real make the exactly quote and schedule with my deadline.

Please pay attention to my needs, is not to high complex to develop,

We will provide to you ALL the Graphics Package

You only must quote the Developer Process/Time/Honorary

The Custom Client must have

Password Protect
User / Administrator Open User Options
Layer selections by Module
Our Logo Start when the Custom Client Start
Our Logo in the Main Bug Options -Like Como en Casa
The Source Code send to us
That the Custom Client start when the .Exe is push, the Open CasparCG and the Software in just one step.

The Custom Client:

Is a Bingo TVShow Custom Client have a main proposal than are have a full integrations for a live TV Show

The Modules that I need include are:

Main Bumper Module

Overlay Module

Separator Module

Bingo Chart Lowerthird Module

Bingo Balls Module

Socialnet / Hashtag Module

Templates Module

Sound Module

Count (how much ) accumulates Module

Bingo Lower-third / template Module

Games Module

Server Module

Bingo Forms Module

Bingo Module

Bingo Participan sub Module

Bingo Premio Module

Bingo Lower Module

Ball Module

Main Bumper Module

Is the main Bumpers with Buttons Module into the center of the interface that will have 24 buttons. ( like Como en Casa )

Overlay Modules

The idea is a 30 buttons module to select some overlay graphics that each week that I need to change. ( like Como en Casa )

Separator Module

Is a 12 buttons module to

Game Module

5 Games with his own templates ( like Trivia / Memory ) module in Como en Casa Projects.

Games are:

Alebrecao ( is a concourse 60 seconds trying to get money )
Memoria del Dinero ( is remembering frames ) like a Como en Casa are
Pitcheo del Dinero ( is a throwing ball between small holes )
Dado de la suerte ( throwing a real big dice )

Templates Module
(will be or looks like Como en Casa but with deferments tabulations spaces)


Game Participant
Sort Numbers
Social Networks Lower Appearance

Sound and SoundFX Module
(will be or looks like Como en Casa)

36 Buttons Module

Volumen for each button and a Main Volumen ( if can be with a VU Metter better )

The Sound Module will be by Game to have all organized and with a good and friendship workflow.

Count Up / Down Module

Is like a 60 Seconds countdown or 20 Seconds Count Up
I want to be many some by default and some one open for any circunstances.
All that with our own graphics package.

  Letter Orden Module 

  Is a B – I –N –G – O chart order module to explain how we can play it.

        B   from 1 to 15 

        I    from 16 to 30            

        N   from 21 to 45

        G   from 46 to 60

        O  from 21 to 75

Is trying to trigger the step by step process spoke form the main HOST.

Acumulados Module

Each moment the accumulate change in the Bingo Show
I need a Module that have many options that I have accumulates that I can write
There and have in cue.

Like the Interface Diagram said.

Bingo Module

If you check the Bingo Game

There are a lot of number by any Letter B – I –N G – O like:

B from 1 to 15 - I from 16 to 30 - N from 21 to 45 - G from 46 to 60 - O from 21 to 75

In a Big Lower we need to have the BINGO Carton with 75 Numbers, in the BINGO Game Process each time that a Ball come out, the Number berlow I need to Spark ON with a Blue Tilt – Tilt light, then when another ball get out and number appear then the number that had appear will be stay involve in a red quad color.

Like the picture that I sent to you attached here.

I need that the Number appear just when I click twice the number but in under an interval of 2 seconds. ( for a safe protections number Broadcast ).

I want that will appear the Ball goes out from the Tombola, for that I can install another Black Magic Card or BlueFish Card in the Server Machine, just I need that have a module that when can appear like a DVE Frame overlay in the Lowe right corner or full screen how I want in some game process.

How Bingo is the Main and most important TV Show Game I need that all the Bingo will be inside of the own module.


Participant ( Personal Info of player that will be winning )

Host ( Host singing the balls out )

Accumulates ( each time the accumulate number of money will change )

Lower thirds Info ( info about: how participate / where buy / what are you wining )

Prizes ( depend of how you play how you win and how much )

All this value can change week by week I need have a manual ingest text and number to Show it.

I need save all data info in a XML.

Bingo Number of ball that can get out.
Because the bingo game is an amount of ball getting out and have combinations in 16 ball out / 25 balls out / 40 ball out.
Is important a progressive BINGO balls counter. Like a BOLA NUMERO that appear in the Interface Diagram.

Ball Module

Pre-made Ball ( 75 Balls )Module with all the Balls 3D Premade.
When a Ball make Bingo, the Ball can appear with a lot of beauty 3D/2D Animations;

Upper each side MAIN BUMPER Numbers Module

The upper both sides Bingo Letter will be an order number appearance accumulator to
Then show in a sequence later with a FullScreen and also that could be appear the last 5 balls to keep in mind.

Bingo Forms Module

Is a pre made cards with Bingo Forms to complete.
That will appear a full Screen or lower third right corner.
with a switch to protect ON/OFF the module or activate / deactivate the forms that are not available for this week.