Server 2.2 troubles

i’m typing the command CLS and here is the answer (from log file)
[2018-09-26 11:55:02.247] [info] Received message from Console: cls\r\n
[2018-09-26 11:55:03.248] [error] Throw location unknown (consider using BOOST_THROW_EXCEPTION)
[2018-09-26 11:55:03.248] [error] Dynamic exception type: class boost::exception_detail::clone_impl<struct boost::exception_detail::error_info_injector >
[2018-09-26 11:55:03.248] [error] std::exception::what: connect:
[2018-09-26 11:55:03.248] [error]
[2018-09-26 11:55:03.248] [error] Failed to execute command:CLS

What’s the reason? Can anybody help me with this?

You need to have mediascanner running

Thank you! Right now I’m unable to check it. But I guess it is the reason. I found that there is a new .exe file and it’s a scanner.exe

And here is another one… When I play some clips Caspar tells me “No diagnostic information available”. What does it means?

It’s e pre-release version. as long as it does play the clips I would not mind.

Well, it doesn’t affect on playback. But I’m kinda of perfectionist) If this messages are useless - it’s better to do not see them)

I don’t know if they are useless. I am not a core developer. But I guess it is a status report for the devs and will be removed in the final release.

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