Server 2.2.0 Media

HI everyone Maybe someone can point me in the right direction. I’ve switched to server 2.2.0 and I’ve noticed that the media scanner only seems to update the template folder for me. I’m not able to load video files, audio files or stills. anyone else run into this?

This one was answered many times

yes I am running the media scanner as I mentioned above the scanner only seems to update the template folder and not the stills or videos

Oh! I see… I thought you meant the server’s scanner, not the actual scanner.exe.
Have you checked the media folder’s permissions and location? Double check the path in the config file.

no it seems to be working great for the template folder but nothing else. so i’m not sure what the problem is.

Okay so interesting thing, I was starting it from a short cut. so I test out of the server folder and the problem is fixed. side note I am always running as admin. so its possible the shortcut was the issue