Sending OSC commands to Aximmetry/Unreal?

Is it possible to send timed OSC-commands from CasparCG?
My usecase is that start playing a videofile, 10sec after a AR component comes from Unreal, after 1min another AR-component start and both dissapare after 2min.
Im been playing around with CuePilot to send the OSC-commands but wondered if it would be possible to do it straight from CasparCG.

br markus

As far as i know you can’t from the server it self.
But i should say do it the other way around.
Let Unreal control caspar. As Unreal is the start of the sequence /
initiator in your case. if i understand it right

They way I understand you want to time AR components to video playback, similar to how one would time lower thirds and other gfx elements?

Like Maurice mentioned it’s not possible to do that from CasparCG server. Easiest to do from whatever starts the playback in CasparCG.

Perhaps you can listen to OSC status from CCG in Unreal and filter out channels/layers or filenames you want to trigger from?

Currently CasparCG Server is a “dump” servant, that only does what you tell it. So no way to trigger something from it. But, as you always need some client (control program) you could simply make it also talk to Unreal.

a way to trigger in unreal from osc off the server
Offcoarse very quick and dirty :wink: