Send OSC message *after* media playout completes

OK, I’m mystified.

I do not appear to have stumbled upon a combination of settings that will allow for a group of media files to be played out, and only after they’ve played out, then, send a message via OSC.

I can’t imagine it’s not possible to do this.

So, how is it done, without knowing the exact length of the media files that are being played out?

ie: the client knows how long each preceding video is. I want to tell some external automation that the video playout has concluded, and to take the next steps.

Please advise!

I’m using the latest CasparCG client and server.

Thank you in advance!

I can think of no automated process in the SVT “standard” client that will provide what you want. This client is predominantly a “live assist” system for use where an operator is present.

The group play video sequence uses the auto-play capability in the producer where a clip loaded in the background automatically moves to the foreground when the current foreground clip stops. The client is monitoring the background clip status (via OSC status from server) to see when it can load the next clip into the background to continue group playout. Hence there is no trigger that can initiate an OSC output event.

You may be able to create a custom monitor that uses an OSC (or http GET/POST) trigger from the client sent when the group starts play activating the monitor server OSC status output to detect the empty background layer and hence look for the end of the last foreground clip, then trigger your OSC output to the automation…

Have you tried the SuperConductor client (here)? The timeline nature of this client allows you to build a group and then add an OSC (or http GET/POST) that triggers at the selected time. Not fully automated as you have to drag the event to the correct place at the end of the group, but it does provide the trigger you require.