Send Base64 image to HTML template

Hi all

Just wondering if anyone has tried to send base64 encoded images with livecode
to a HTML template by AMCP
is this hard to do ?
i am a bit affraid that it will become a escape and de-escape mess

I have done this with flash templates, so the AMCP part of it is OK. I think an image came to around 2mb of ascii, and it worked well.

Ok thanks Jesper got it working now.

do you (or somebody else) know what the limit is in data in one command.

although it suite my needs i think it is wise to check the length before sending.
with a big file it makes CCG unresponsive sometimes.

I have sent images via base64 over amcp to html before.
The only escape hell you will have to deal with is sending json (but you can use xml if you prefer) and that is only in the client sending the data.
I havent had any issues with size of image here, apart from the caspar log getting flooded with the encoded image.