Seeking video command


I’m developing a playout based on casparcg server , I’m stuck with seeking video !!!
anyone knows what command or combination of commands to do this ?
I need to do a frame by frame forward and backward , and a seeking bar … no matter if it will be accurate or not .
I’m using .

Have you seen the LOADBG with it’s in and out properties? For a interactive seekbar I would not use Caspar. I once did that with by hosting VLC activeX in a VB.NET form and using the timecodes from it to set the LOAD / LOADBG commands afterwards durring playout.

Thanks a lot for your reply…
I have another player on my application , it’s a user control made by me , based on directshow instead of using vlc , it’s more accurate and stable than vlc , this player used for preview and trimming the video , the video will be put in a list with it’s IN and OUT timecode , this is fine and working good …
my problem is with the second video window in the application , the program or on air window , which is casparcg video window , I can play , pause and stop video , but what if user needs to seek ? moving frame forward or backward ?

Why would he want to do that? :slight_smile: No seriously: CasparCG has a CG in the end, that stands for “Character Generator”. Most people use it to do graphics and the video playout is not as advanced, as it could be. Beside that there was once a fork, that ways made to use Caspar as a slow motion system. Jan Starzak did it, but you need to ask him, if it is still maintained and were to download.

cause it’s very basic playout features … and I think it’s not that hard to achieve by casparcg ,
also I didn’t read something like that from you in any playout post in this forum !!!
this is the first time I know that casparcg is for just play and go !!!
anyway all I need from casparcg is to communicate with decklink cards , and it’s ready commands…
there is CALL and SEEK , and I tried to put it in a way that I can play the video frame by frame but it was a nightmare …

You are right, it is a basic feature for a video server in a studio environment. But as said, CasparCG is not made as a video server. For adding moving backgrounds etc. to graphics it is not needed. And that is, why it does not have it. Have you tried to get in touch with Jan about the SloMo fork?

May be you are looking for this.
In we use a trackbarseek control and bind its value to loadbg command. Prior to this we fix the max value of trackbarseek to total frame of video.

thanks vimlesh1975 …
yes it’s like that , but my problem was not with the control object , it was what commands to send to casparcg , so you are saying to send the seek value like ( LOADBG 1 SEEK XX ) ? this will continue loading video starting xx farme .as long as user moving the trackbarseek . right ?