Seek mpeg file problem

I have a new problem that is:
When i want to play and seek a mpeg flie it show an erorr like this: " mp2 header missing" and file not play

What ever it’s not problem without seeking and it plays good
And it has no problem with other video formats like mp4. The problem is just by mpeg files.

Anyone know how can i solve this?

Re-encode it as something else :laughing:

Sounds like it might be a transport stream. Try and remux it: “ffmpeg -i FILE.mp2 -c:v copy -c:a copy -map 0 FILE.mpg” it won’t re-encode anything, just wrap it up again and should take just a few seconds.

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Unfortunately I can’t re-encode these are many files in my database and should play in this format

This command is for casparcg server or something else?

It’s for the standalone FFMPEG program. This is a console program (the black window with text) that you can run with many command-line switches.

I execute this commands on my file but i have the header missing error again
Have you any other solution?