SDI Source audio channel select or map?

I use decklink card. I have embed video source and 4 channels of audio.
I want to get the 3rd and 4th audio channel from SDI video.

I couldn’t find information about using channel_layout.
Is it possible to change channel locations?

I saw this but it didn’t work.
play 1-1 decklink device 1 format 1080i5000 channel_layout CH34

is there a solution?

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Note- This is for server 2.3
I could not test on decklink producer, I tested on file having multi audio. Try this

play 1-1 decklink 1 af pan=stereo|c0=c3|c1=c4
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thank you.
Can I find a document for these parameters?

it worked.
play 1-1 decklink 1 af pan=stereo|c0=c2|c1=c3