Scene Producer documentation

I have been introducing CasparCG into some of our simpler graphics operations, mainly set elements, however I was looking at packing templates, but allowing user accessible variables for customisation. I have come across ‘Scenes’ which may be ideal for my use case, but I cannot find any detailed information about them other than a reference to ‘Scene Producer’ and some actual ‘Scenes’. Does such information exist?

The scene producer is no more in 2.2.
What version of CasparCG are you running?

I was considering using 2.1 NRK as it had the scene producer but I am open to a later version that would satisfy my requirements . The reason I liked the scene idea was that I could have a user select a template/scene in a custom client, bring up only the variables they were permitted to change, save them and then put the template to air. The alternative was to consider possibly a HTML template.