Scanner.exe working folder in 2.3.3 LTS

Any good advice?
in 2.3.3 LTS when you start CasparCG with another config-file than casparcg.config the scanner still reads casparcg.config which can cause problems scanning media/font/template-folders
from scanner.exe-window when I run 2NDI.config

[2021-04-19T06:04:24.301Z] INFO (scanner/21040 on WLS-CND1017G4T):
caspar: {
“config”: “./casparcg.config”
paths: {
“template”: “d:\ASSETS\templates/”,
“media”: “d:\ASSETS\media/”,
“font”: “./font”,
“ffmpeg”: “ffmpeg.exe”,
“ffprobe”: “ffprobe.exe”,
“log”: “log/”,
“data”: “data/”

I don’t know if it just me but I usually create different config-files and leave the casparcg.config as it is delivered.
The dirty solution was to change the folders in casparcg.config, but I don’t find it very sophisticated