Save Text File from HTML template

Once again I try to switch from flash to HTML , but I didnt find a way to save some values from HTML to a text file and then read it from my client.
To be more specific I have various potitions from an svg element and some time stamps that I want to save to a text file so I can read from my client.
I already try some examples from codepen without luck
If someone do this scenario it will be very helpfull
thanks a lot

I would try sending them via TCP/IP to the client. Another idea would be to write it to the log and redirect the standard out of Caspar to your client app. That makes it possible to parse the data out of the log stream.

I dont expect it possible to write files to disk from html like you used to be able to in flash.
the html producer is pretty much a full web browser (it is in fact chromium with some small adjustments), so conforms to their security policies

Wouldn’t it be possible to write an HTML template that had a server side component to it? Writing data on the server side of a web app is possible if by no other means than sending some commands to a different web server that would log the data. This would be more JavaScript or typescript than html.

AFAIK the web server needs to run on the same machine that the CasparCG server is running on. So you need a little web server, that receives your data an writes the files out, or relay them to your client.

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