Sample Code for new CG client

Hello all,

I am new of the forum and really new as developer wanna be (extremely new eheh).
I would like to make a custom client for CG.
Following the example of Football world cup I manage to connect caspar to my C# interface, but when I try following the guidelines of the amcp protocol to load and play a template.ft it always gives me 404 media not found error on the log.

Since I am really new to development, I am looking for some source code where step by step it shows how to write code to show a basic .ft layout on the consumer.

That would be the best for me to learn step by step how it works and then proceed with my project!

Thanks to all will help me for my quest!

You can try this It is writen in VB.NET but that does not matter much as you can use the library also from C# and the example code is very basic. It is my library, that I use for all my clients.


Thank you! I really appreciate this!

Today I got notified, that this link has been clicked 300 times and I also realized, that it was not valid any more. Since a few weeks this library is also available on GitHub. There is no example code there, so that you probably want to download both. But the GitHub repo is in a more recent state, than that Dropbox download link.